nownowxzxzx wondered:
hey what's up? I heard brad tralking about how the cover he designed for threads album was originally a picture his mom took at some trip she did years ago, before she got married or something... I was wondering if you know where I can find that picture. or if it has even been posted somewhere. a friend of mine says she has seen it, but does not remember where, and I looked for it a lot but can't find it. thanks for your time guys! see ya!

i’ve never seen it, not sure if it exists on the web

aneedledraggingthread wondered:
It's a long shot but do any of you know someone who is willing to sell their Now, Now/The Lonely Island split? It's the only thing I need to complete my NN and side project discography and Shifting is probably my favorite Now, Now song.

anyone help out???



THREADS REMIXED is out today! Go pick it up and let us know what you think!



Ain’t no party like an S club party

thanks for all the support and stuff, kids! you’ve been rad so far *kissy face emoji*

-steph & alex

Now, Now announces a remix EP and a lot of other things



Now, Now must love keeping busy. The trio just announced the release of their “Threads Remixed” EP which will feature the likes of Sombear and Ansible. “Remixed” will be out on March 25. Be sure to stream the first single “Prehistoric (Field Mouse Remix) via their Soundcloud here. Also, the band is currently in the studio recording their next album. If us just telling you isn’t enough to believe, check below for a shot of them in studio.

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Not the studio. Just their basement. Nobody is recording any album right now.


Now, Now - Prehistoric (Field Mouse Remix)

THREADS REMIXED out March 25th via TRANS- Records.


we’re writing a new record.




the key to happiness in life is Shervin



Just gonna leave this here… (from this month’s Alternative Press).

Not saying the Foo Fighters documentary wasn’t cool but….