Brad caught Mew.

Photo from Britty’s twitter :

In the words of Brad:


NNEC Love Day!!!

Don’t forget! It’s NNEC Love Day on March 31st! To show your appreciation you can listen to NNEC all day, spread the word about them, or even just wear an NNEC shirt! 

And if you guys want to find out any more about NNEC Love Day Check it out here:

New song titles!

-But I Do
-Oh, Hi
-School Friends
-New Keyboard
-Bones (Could possibly be Jess’ orginal song)

Of course remember guys, these titles could all change! I’m just going my the titles on the board in the newest update video!

But we can look forward to a new LP soon-ish, since the band said they’d be recording early next year!